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A year of Japan, part 5 on the go


This time from the other side of the ocean. I arrived safely in Ogaki after about 20 hours of traveling. After arrival in Nagoya International Airport I took the train to Ogaki Station where I was picked up and brought to my appartement.

Shower time! That felt so good and refreshing. After the shower I went to the mall to get my groceries for the weekend, then took a nap and went to the field. The team played a inter-squad game, so I watched that and then went home. The battery ran out of energy... I fell asleep by 9 and didn't wake up until 8 the next morning.

Onto the Japanese rhythm. Practice from 10 to 3. We were supposed to have practice games, but they got cancelled because of the rain. The sunday we had a day off because of another typhoon hitting Japan. Last time I was here we got hit by Jebi, we lost electricity for a bit and I did get a bit worried with the heavy rain and wind. This time Ogaki got lucky and didn't get the heaviest part of the typhoon.

And then it turned to Monday. Afternoon to night practice. Tuesday and Wednesday I did some fitness in the morning and then afternoon practice with the team. We had a men's pitcher at practice to hit BP, so that was fun!

Thursday we had a morning practice with a meeting after and then Friday was the official game field practice in the stadium.

We played three games this weekend, normally it is two, but there are 11 games to play each half so we need to get that uneven number played at some time. So.. that time was this weekend. Unfortunately we lost all three games this weekend and the teams close to us in the ranking did well so we dropped a spot... more reason to keep working!

With now only two weeks left of the season it is getting closer and closer, which means it is going to be an interesting finish for sure!

Short and practical blog this time, as the season is going on, the weeks are sort of the same. We had today off, tomorrow and Wednesday we lift and practice on the field, Thursday we travel, practice and then we check-in into the hotel. Friday we have the official game field practice again and then Saturday and Sunday are game days.

Mata atode!


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