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Team Minamo + step 11 & 12 (and livestream website)


As promised today the introduction of Team Minamo!

The coaches:

Mizoe san, head coach, number 30

Kitchi, assistent coach, number 31

Makiko, team manager

The catchers:

Hira, number 10, captain (number 10 is the captains number)

Mao, number 25, the shortest catcher, and very nice

Hana, number 15, the youngest catcher, and very strong

Gi-san, number 14, the oldest catcher, and very funny

Then the pitchers:

Tachi, number 20, righty and very fashionable

Take, number 16, lefty and very useful in the outfield and at bat as well

Ellen, number 26, the only blonde and of course Aussie

The infielders:

Guchi, number 2, 1st base, and very strong

Zono, number 4, shortstop, and comes from a strawberry fields we visited in Kumamoto

Mizu, number 5, 3rd base, and can say Hoi and Doei

Waji, number 6, shortstop, and wears neon yellow shoes

Saru, number 7, shortstop, and still in high school

Mizo, number 8, 2nd base, coming back strong from a shoulder injury

Haru, number 9, 1st base, about to graduate from one of the best university teams

Su, number 11, 3rd base, she made up the pineapple hair

Kura, number 12, 2nd base, very adorable

Miyuki, 17, 2nd base, we stood next to each other today, she can reach my shoulder!

The outfielders:

Saku, number 3, her name is Sakura, the Japanese cherry blossom, that is about to bloom by the way!

Tomo, number 13, let’s say semi-japanese with so much international experience

Tajima, number 19, cool hair!

OK, number 21, coming back strong from a knee injury

Bata, number 23, nice Japanese playing style

Kane, number 24, really cool swing with good results

And yes, the names are different from the photo. Some girls are called by their last name, some their first, some a short version of one or the other. And there is something with people that are older, you say ‘san’ after the name, if younger you say ‘chan’.

When we arrive to the field or wherever, you greet everyone separately, something I am still getting used to, but I think is pretty nice because you feel welcome and make others feel welcome. Lots of traditions here, and I am learning every day!

Only a few more days until the opening game and the weather is nice, sunny and warm! But oh, we play in a dome!!!!! So nice and so exciting!

If you want to watch, we play Saturday March 31st at 13.00 Japanese time (6.00 am Dutch time) - livestream:

Then step 11 and 12 of the pitching as promised by the video earlier. It is all about the finish of the pitch, and this actually might be the step where barely anyone looks at. It is very important though, if you want to reach good speeds and save your arm at the same time.

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