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Japan getting closer + step 3

Seven practices, a clinic, seven games and then two more practices... that’s what happened since the last blog. And yes, I am tired now! Luckily tomorrow at 7.30am we get to go again…? One of my biggest struggles, my mind always likes softball even more than my body does.

It sort of makes me crazy, but it might also be the reason I get to go to Japan next week with a big smile on my face. It is getting closer quicker and quicker it seems like, and I am getting more and more excited. But I am also a bit nervous. I try to imagine how it all will be and go, but at the same time I have no clue about that. It is one of the main reasons I want to go there, learn and experience it all, but it does feel a bit crazy as well. But, like always, there is only one way to find out: you just go and do it and find your way. So that is what I am going to try and do: Go, do and find my way.

The past week I have gathered some more tips from people who have been to countries where they could not read and/or speak the language and experienced similar cultures. This is what I have really enjoyed so far, with me going to Japan all of a sudden all kinds of stories are coming around. And not just from people, my own mind seems to have found an interest in Japanese things. Anywhere I go I notice Japanese things, my attention goes to books about Japan, newspaper articles. My mind seems to prepare itself!

Another cool thing I found out about leaving, the good byes. I don’t like them, since I like being at home and feeling home, but they are special and make you realise the value of having a home, a team or a friendship. Playing the indoor cup with Olympia was something I obviously was looking forward to, and where I normally just have fun and enjoy being on the team, it now stood out even more because I will have to miss it. Even though in my head I am playing the Mastenbroek and Jan de Wit tournaments already and I am talking about the Dutch season…. I guess my mind is not totally ready yet haha

Well… one more week, then I will be packing the last things and it is just going to happen!

For now all that is left for today: Pitch it - 3. We switch the focus from the front foot to back foot (starting position). You will notice, by following the steps, all body parts that we could use are going to be used! Not only in an active way, also as reference points/cues to make your body listen to your brains. The video with the ball push/throw exercise also shows how the back foot pushes off. The photo shows the high knee you can use as a reference.

See you next week for the last step and blog from the Netherlands!


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