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Japan, the Pitch it Project and more

Hi everyone,

The best wishes for 2018 and a Happy New Year!

The first blog of this new year, a year that is obviously going to be different than the previous year. In my case most of the year will happen overseas in Japan. As I leave in about 3 weeks from now I am getting ready for my departure. Along with arranging the papers, suitcases and planning for both training and study I am going to try and share my experiences before departure and of course once I am in Japan I will try to share my adventures.

For now, the Pitch it Project. But a slight change of plans. Keeping in mind injury risk when you start practicing spins before mechanics.I wanted to write about the other spins, like rise ball, drop ball, curve and screw ball, but I am going to stick to the essential basics of pitching, no details. As pitching is different for each pitcher and everyone has to find their way of winning at bats and eventually games I will leave that up to you.

Of course I won’t just quit the Pitch it project like this, but with Japan coming up my focus will be there. I will write about pitching, the balance, mindset and focus of a pitcher, but it will be integrated in the blogs from/about Japan.

As we start the 2018 season officially now, I have some specific points for the basic mechanics of pitching which I will be handing to you along with short videos and/or photos. 12 focus points as of right now, one point per week, which means you will be ready before April. The points start at the feet and end at ball release. At the bottom of this blog, step 1 is already there! This week I will post an exercise where you can practice the step 1 with extra focus on the feet.

Then a softball 2018 planning so far:

  • January 13-14: The Cup, Schiedam, Netherlands

  • End of January: Japan

  • March - Early June: Japanese Pro League Part I

  • Mid June - Mid July: Olympia Haarlem

  • August 2-12: World Championships. Chiba, Japan.

  • August 20-25: European Premier Cup with Olympia

  • September - Early November: Japanese Pro League Part II

Are you excited yet? I definitely am!

I hope your (softball) plans for the new season are challenging and fun, and I hope to see your somewhere around the softball fields anywhere in the world!

For now I think for most of you, enjoy the last week of the holidays!


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