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Finale Blog

After the play-off blog from last week it is time for the final update of the 2017 season in Dutch Softball.

Who won what?

Quick won the promotion series vs. HCAW on Saturday and then Gophers on Sunday morning to claim their spot in the Silver League of 2018. Which means HCAW will be playing in the 1st klasse next year.

DSS won the promotion series vs. Twins on Saturday and then Hoofddorp on Sunday to keep their spot in the Golden League of 2018.

And then Olympia won the first two games of the best of three series to claim their first ever National Title.

Congrats to the winning teams. And to whoever was there at the fields of Roef! I think we can all say we had a very nice softball experience. I found it a lot of fun to be able to watch the other finals and enjoy some extra softball.

And then the season came to an end. I don’t know if you recognize this feeling, but all year you are looking forward to certain weekends, tournaments and the season in general. Once you go outside in March, you can’t wait to play. Then you can’t wait for the season to start in April. Then you can’t wait for the summer with tournaments and then you can’t wait for the play-offs. And whenever you get to the moments you couldn’t wait for, it feels unreal. That is how last Sunday felt for me, just as much as it feels unreal cleaning my cleats for the last time and actually putting them away for 5 months…!

Of course you can still practice softball without cleats, which is exactly what we will be doing in the Netherlands. The month of October is a softball and schedule free month where we have to stay on track with fitness 3 times a week. Then from November on we will officially start for the 2018 season preparing for the World Championships in Japan in August. Nine practices a week with specific strength and conditioning, hitting, fielding, pitching, catching, running, and all aspects of softball and of being a professional athlete will be covered. Are you jealous yet? Well at least I know I feel very blessed to have a chance to be part of this program and work towards the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

As for October, I am off studying, but I will be back in November keeping you up to date about our program. After todays blog, a 100 blogs have been published since the start of this idea 2 years ago. Besides studying I will prepare some ideas for possible new setups and ideas. Since I don't write just for myself I would really enjoy hearing about all your thoughts and ideas for this blog as well. It can be as crazy as you like or just a topic you would really like to read about. Let me know through Facebook, Instagram or email and hopefully I can respond to your requests from November on! See you there!


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