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Season Finals Time✨

As we speak a lot of minds in the Netherlands are set on softball. It is the night before the Season Finals weekend takes off. It is the third year where all the Finals are played at the same field, but since not even all Dutch People understand what's going on, I'll try to explain the setup. First some background information. Here is how the teams got to this weekend. HCAW - placed last in the 2017 Silver League. A pretty young team, representing Yellow this weekend, while defending their Silver League spot. Quick - placed 2nd in the 1ste klasse (Eq. Bronze League). A quite experienced team trying to find their way to the Silver League, needing two wins. Gophers - placed 1st in the 1ste klasse. Coached by one of the players of Olympia Haarlem and only needing one win to find their way to the Silver League. Twins - placed 2nd in the 2017 Silver League. A semi home game for Twins, with a young team that qualified this Thursday with a very close finish. DSS - placed last in the Golden League. A good roster, the green color and a good European Cup experience should be enough to defend their Golden League spot

Hoofddorp - placed 1st in the Silver League. Placed quite early with a good hitting line up they will only need one win to claim the Golden League spot. Sparks - placed 2nd in the play-offs. Defending Champs and, of course, they want Another title! Olympia - placed 1st in the play-offs. Looking for their first National Title and with only 3 losses in the regular season, they seem to be the team to beat. When and who do they play. The schedule. Saturday 23 September. Game 1 - 11.00 HCAW Bussum vs. Quick Amersfoort Game 2 - 13.30 Twins Oosterhout vs. DSS Haarlem Game 3 - 16.00 Olympia Haarlem vs. Sparks Haarlem Sunday 24 September 9.30 Gophers Maassluis vs. Winner Game 1 12.00 Hoofddorp Pioniers vs. Winner Game 2 14.30 Sparks Haarlem vs. Olympia Haarlem If necessary 16.00 Olympia Haarlem vs. Sparks Haarlem The first games of both days are about a Silver League spot for 2018. So HCAW, Quick and Gophers are in the running here. Both second games are about a Golden League spot for 2018. So Twins, DSS and Hoofddorp are in the running there. The third game of both days is part of the best of three series to define who will be the National Champions of 2017, these series are the Holland Series. Still following? No? Well at least I can tell you it will be an exciting weekend of softball, with a perfect weather forecast and a beautiful accomondation with Roef! Being the host of the Season Finals of 2017. For everyone who can't make it, SoftbalDino is there with the livestream and play-by-play will be available as well. Let's enjoy this last weekend of Top Softball in the Netherlands, see you there! Eva

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