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DUTCH play-offs

And we are halfway the first half of the play-off weekend…! Oh wait no, just kidding… I forgot it is the DUTCH National Championships so it involves rain, a lot of rain.

This morning at 11.00 Terrasvogels and Sparks were supposed to kick-off the play-offs followed by Sparks against Roef and then Roef against Olympia to conclude the gameday.

Well, new plan!

Tomorrow the second day of the play-offs will be played at Olympia’s field following the schedule. at 18.30 Roef will play Sparks to make up for the first play-off rain out. Then on Tuesday night at 20.30 Terrasvogels will play Sparks at Sparks and Thursday night Olympia will play Roef at 20.00 at Olympia.

Not in the Netherlands or not able to come support the girls? There will be livestream by SoftbalDino and Play-by-play by the KNBSB.

As you could see above, four teams are left to play for the National Title. Top two teams of the round robin will play the Holland Series next weekend in Moergestel. Which teams are competing? Let me introduce them:

1. Olympia, my own team, we are placed first and put as the favorites for this years National Title. I think that is about right, but the ball is still yellow and round so the team has to stay focused.

2. Sparks, the defending National Champs, placed second and probably the team that is favorite for the second spot in the Holland Series. A quite experienced team with some young addings compared to last year and four pitchers strong, not an easy team to beat!

3. Terrasvogels, won the silver medal at the Premier Cup, placed third and already beat Sparks to get to the silver medal, so a dangerous ‘outsider’ we could say. We have seen them having a rough season and then coming back in the play-offs last year, so don’t be surprised!

4. Roef, the newcomer in the Golden league, placed fourth and very excited to be part of these play-offs. Definitely a team that might surprises, a rough start but steady results and a increasing level throughout the season has showed they are able to grow to the occasion.

If you ask me, these play-offs look pretty promising if it comes to high level softball games and will be pretty exciting for every team involved.

See you all tomorrow, either online or on the field, go Olympia!


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