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Softball life: Evie Craig, Denmark

My name is Evie Craig and I am a 16-year old Danish softball player. The life of dingers and diamonds began many, many years ago, when I was a small, chubby girl. I remember watching the New York Yankees on television, and running to my parents with the plea to play baseball. I was then told that baseball was primarily a boys’ sport, and promptly signed up for softball. I’ve been in love ever since.

Because of my dad’s occupation, my family travels around a lot, but one constant in my life has been finding a softball club to play in, no matter which country I am living in. Through my experiences within softball, I have met many great people, and experienced many diverse cultures, both on the field, and off. I have played for various club teams in the U.S., a club team in Brazil, a men’s baseball team in Norway, and now Amager Vikings in Denmark. These great opportunities have really helped me develop, as a softball player, but above all, as a leader and as a person.

Throughout the years, many sacrifices have been made, both on my side, and on the people who have endlessly supported me, including my parents’, side. From skipping social events, to long car drives, to setting tees for me in negative-degree weather. However, my love for the game has helped my parents in the sense that it’s much easier to buy new batting gloves for Christmas, than to pick out the perfect outfit.

My personal goals for the future include fulfilling my childhood dream of playing softball in college, developing myself as a leader figure for softball in Denmark, and last but not least, continuing to improve my character. For softball both nationally and globally, I would like to see success in the Olympics, and I would like other young girls to discover this sport and share the same passion for the game, that I and many others do. As Team Denmark has been working hard to prepare for the upcoming Europeans, I am definitely looking forward to playing with my teammates, and putting all of the hard work into play.

Although softball has helped me develop within many personal and common areas, I play primarily for the love of the game.


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