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Win..!: Flexpower Europe

Flexpower....! The upcoming weekend the Dutch Golden League teams will open their outdoor season of 2017. Following the tradition all the teams will participate in the International Mastenbroek tournament at Tex Town Tigers in Enschede. As you probably all recognize, the first few weekends of play can be tough and throughout the season softball weeks and weekends can cause some annoying soreness and little pains.

In January I got in contact Flexpower, they asked me if I recognized the soreness experienced during a softball season and... Of course I did... they told me about Flexpower and said I should try it. I was a little sceptic and wondered how a cream/gel would help me with soreness in my muscles, but everything is worth a try! Along the weeks of practice and preparation for the season I tried the product. And to my own surprise it felt really good to use the Flexpower. It gives a warm and tingeling feeling and does not smell at all.

Now why this blog at this moment? Well Flexpower is going to be at the Mastenbroek tournament this weekend so all the teams can try their product and see how it works for them! Of course I understand not everyone will be at the Mastenbroek tournament so I also have a few samples to giveaway! The best way to make you trust my words is by letting you try the product yourself. Do you want to win a Flexpower sample? Like the Flexpower Europe page and let me know why you need some extra power this season!

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