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Smile and win a mouthguard!

No European Story this week, but a blog about softbal and chance to win!

With only a couple of weeks to go until we go outside it is time to write a blog about the part of the game that makes people confused about the name SOFTball. Once we get to run around the grass and dirt with the fences around us we are allowed to play the game how it is supposed to be played. It causes some wounds and bruises, but we play it hard!

With pitches reaching over a 100 km/h it can be pretty painful to get hit. Over the past years protection equipment has found it’s way into the game and continues to develop. Almost every bone and joint can be protected by some kind of guard and you can even pick your team’s colors to make them match your uniforms.

Not only the batters started protecting themselves, the fielding positions started to wear protection gear as well. The rules even start changing demanding youth players to wear a facemark. Probably a good development, but what happened to the mask in the higher levels?

When I pitch, I wear my mouthguard, just like for example field hockey players. I’m not really a fan of the fielding masks because you can’t see your feet anymore, but I do like to protect my teeth. As a pitcher I end up pretty close to the batters which makes the reaction time quite short.

To promote wearing a mouthguard and keeping girls’ teeth protected, for this season customized 2 mouthguards for me to wear. Not only will the company support me, but I also got the chance to give away one mouthguard to another player.

I like to smile a lot and the mouthguard of protects that smile… Do you have a pretty smile that needs to be protected?

Send me a photo of your best softball smile through a Facebook message and like the page to have a chance at winning the mouthguard!


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