Softball life: Sara Avanzi, Italy

My name is Sara Avanzi and I am a softball player who is also in the Italian National Team. I’ve started to play softball when I was 7, because my parents used to take me at the field every day. They both used to play baseball and they both used to be catchers. I grew up in my home town’s team and then, when I turned 14 years old, a very talented coach from another city contacted me to play for his team, which was in the higher level. I was still going to the high school, so I remember all the sacrifices my parents made for me, because they used to drive me at practice 3 times a week. (and the city was an hour and half away from our city, Rovigo). That experience was helpful because it made me become a better player and it made me realize that in order to become a very good player, sacrifices need to be made.