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Project: European softball life from the inside out

After a short break it is now time to present my new blog project: European softball life from the inside out. After more than a year of Dutch softball life from my own perspective this project will present the many softball lives you can find all over Europe.

What is going to happen? Leading up to the European Championship of 2017 in June all guest blogs will go online and tell the story of a softball player in her country. I would like to show Europe how softball is part of different girls’ life and where the different teams participating at European Championships come from.

Approximately every 2 weeks a new blog will be available. I will keep writing about different aspects of softball when I find something that is nice to share, but the main project/focus is on the European story of softball.

Are you excited yet? I for sure am! A few more days of preparing, a change of years and then off we go: new year, new project. Hopefully a year filled with special (softball) moments we can enjoy and share.

For now I wish you a wonderful New Year’s Eve, see you on the other side.


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