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Last one... before the break

As I mentioned last week this is my last blog for now. By the end of December there will be a blog explaining my new project, but for now I'm off studying, training and having a good Christmas break. This last blog I will tell you a little more about all the subjects I wrote about the past weeks.

Thinking about a year ago where on this date I just got to go home from my shoulder surgery and almost passed out because of the pain killers... Today I can look back on a pretty amazing year where I got to pitch for the National Team at a World Championship and play for Olympia without missing any games.

Looking at my fitness now and a year ago I have to admit I was not as strong and fit as I could have been, I wanted to play so bad that I chose to focus on softball, mainly pitching, to help out my team. I missed out on the two months I already spend in the gym now plus I was set back to zero after surgery. I basically never caught up to my own fitness from the past years. Luckily this year I'm on schedule and not planning on any surgery!

Enough about fitness, more about my study. As I mentioned before I'm about to graduate for my Bachelor's degree in Movement Science, woehoee! A final class in sports psychology, my thesis on softball pitching and the last part of our baseball research project are the final parts.

As you can see I don't just like to play softball, I actually like the science behind it as well. This is one of the two reasons I'm taking this month off. I want smooth finish before Christmas!

Then the new project. It has started behind the scenes and will take some work to make it ready to go online in January. This is the other reason I take a month off. The project will involve some guest writers with their stories and will hopefully show the many sides of softball.

Oh and the latest news: We just left for our first ever pitcher's training camp with the National team program! As always I'm excited and looking forward to a new year with new experiences. A new setup sounds like a great start to me :)

Have a nice weekend and a nice month. Hopefully I'll see y'all online by the end of December when I get to present the new project.


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