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Dumbbell Row

After we found our coaches last week, this week we are getting fit again. From deadlift to dumbbell row.

Same key applies: tighten that core!

The dumbbell row trains your back muscles. The main muscle trained is the latissimus dorsi, this muscle pulls the arm down and in and also endorotates the arm. A perfect exercise for pitchers, who pull both arms in their motion.

Besides the latissimus there are two other muscle groups: the trapezius and the rhomboid. Both of them lay around the scapula, an important structure for throwing in general.

The 'regular' dumbbell row is performed with one knee on the bench and a flat back. The way I do this exercise is with my leg up, as you can see in the photo. This way I need to stabilize my body, I stretch my hamstrings and it is a bit harde to coordinate the weight, thus an extra beneficial challenge.

Oh and about the amount of reps. It is an upper body exercise, so I keep the numbers relatively high. Bulkiness at the upper body does not support throwing and playing softball.

Then some news: next week will be my one to last blog for this year. I'm taking a break, and I'm taking some time for my new project. The new project will start in January and will not focus as much on me, more on different stories, but I can't tell you the details yet.... stay tuned!


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