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Fitness: Seated row

Back to fitness and back to a different posting day due to website problems... This time and exercise focused on the upper body: the seated cable row.

This exercise is focusing on your back mainly but also trains your biceps, shoulders and trapezius.

You can find the machine in almost every gym, where it often is attached to a rack with 4 other pull exercise sides.

Why do this as a softball player? Well the most obvious part is the shoulder muscles, because we always talk about our shoulder and throwing. Nevertheless, the back is probably more important than the shoulder. The back is part of your trunk, the trunk is the stabilizer for you arm. So basically you are training the base of your throwing.

Small tip for any fitness workout and basically anything you do: focus on your core, put tension on those muscles, then lift, throw or hit.

When executing those exercises, don't go for 3x20 reps, stay low in the repetitions and rest well in between sets. Even though the softball game seems inactive and has a lot of breaks, it is a very powerful and explosive sport when something happens. There are 20 seconds in between pitches to reload and then only about a second of action to pitch or hit and possibly a fielding and/or running action, there is always more time spent in relative rest during games, but a lot of power and explosiveness are needed to perform well.

Enough about fitness!

Next week the winter school for my region starts, I'm excited, and will tell you all about it in my next blog.


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