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Early winter

Well... That went different from what was expected!

Olympia is out and the other teams had to play an extra round robin because the rules where not set on time...

But! We are at the final weekend, with hopefully another two days of nice fall weather. Sparks is in the final on Sunday and Terrasvogels and DSS will play the backdoor final on Saturday.

An exciting thing about this years season finals: all finals are played at one field. I know I told you that last week, but its not just the golden league. At the Noordersportpark, Haarlem, this weekend, there will be determined who gets to be the National Champion of 2016, but also who gets the 6th Golden League ticket, who gets the 12th Silver League spot and with that of course we also find out who have to play a division lower next season. Everything is played at 11.00, 13.30 & 16.00 again on Saturday and Sunday, so come out, have a nice chat and enjoy some Softball!

What is next for me? I'm taking a month off! No just kidding, I start with some fitness tomorrow. Okay not totally kidding, I am taking some time off softball. I don't have a dislocated shoulder this time so I'm looking at a winter program filled with lifting and later on softball! I'm obviously looking forward to this haha

With only one weekend left of the 2016 season I'm going to start introducing my winter blog themes. I'll write some blogs about food/drinks, recovery, fitness, winter softball and practices I am going to run. Next week will be the first one where I'll tell you all about my winter schedule and how it builds up all the way to April.

October, November, December, January, February, March.... that is 6 months until the start of the next outdoor games...

See you next week, I'm ready!


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