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The top 4

A few days left before the start of the Golden League Play-offs. With four teams left in the running for the National title it is time to introduce the teams.

Placed 1st is the winner from last years title and winners of the European Cup: Sparks. A younger, less experienced team than last year, but so far they have shown to be able to keep the number 1 spot and they will defend their title with diversity of speed and power combined with 4 (ex) national team pitchers to lead their defense.

Placed 2nd: Terrasvogels. They will show up with a team that looks familiar to last years team, with some foreign additions that made the team stronger. With only two pitchers in their staff 3 games seem a little tough but it's softball and they have been doing a great job over the season. Combined with the conventional softball offense, that starts rolling once they smell victory, it makes them a though team to beat.

Placed 3rd is the runner up from last year and winner of the European Cup Winners Cup: Olympia. From 2 to 5 national team players, but also a drop in experienced players. Three pitchers and a varying offense makes them creative and good competitors.

Placed 4th and new in the top 4: DSS. Three experienced former national team players and a foreign catcher somewhat surprisingly joined the team and seem to have made an impact on the game results. 3 pitchers and a solid batting line up will represent the team and complete the all Haarlem play-offs of 2016.

With all 4 teams being able to beat each other, it could become an interesting play-off weekend.

Saturday September 24th @Terrasvogels, Sportpark de Elta

11.00 Terrasvogels - Olympia

13.30 Sparks - DSS

16.00 Terrasvogels - DSS

Sunday September 25th @Sparks, Noordersportpark

11.00 Olympia - DSS

13.30 Sparks - Olympia

16.00 Sparks - Terrasvogels

All games (per day) will be played at one field, so pack your hoodie, sunglasses, sunscreen, umbrella... Or if Haarlem is too far away, check out the livestream ( or play-by-play. We are ready! Are you?!


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