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Change of plans

Well… I was wrong about our playing schedule. Apparently there has to take place a decision making game for the 2nd place. The game will be played at 14.00h at the field of Sparks Haarlem between Terrasvogels and Olympia.

What happened during the week? Wednesday I got to teach a group of girls how to play the game in just a few hours. After that we had to face the boys team in the boys vs. girls battle of the kids tv show called Zappsport. Not sure yet when it will be broadcasted, but I’ll post it as soon as I know it!

Then the upcoming weekend. Besides the decision game the national team got a special invite for the semi-final of the baseball European Championship. We will be honored for our historical 4th place at Worlds. It seems kind of odd to me since we didn't really win anything but it is always good to be recognized! It will take place right before the start of the Saturday night game, which will be the Netherlands vs. Belgium. On Sunday at 17.00h the final will be played with hopefully the Netherlands in there. I bought my tickets already, so go Team Kingdom!

What about my softball? With the play-offs coming up the practice schedule changed. We went for a team dinner last night and my fitness became short and light. Because we went from 4 softball practices to 2 a week there is more time for fitness so I added some running, jumping and swing simulations to stay fit. Last two weeks of the 2016 season!!

Another fun thing to tell you, I started on my bachelor research project where I get to be part of the baseball fastball project. Very exciting and definitely something I will write about more once we are a little further on.

Next week will be about the play-off teams, what to look out for and then the play-off weekend schedule. The decision game between Terrasvogels and Olympia will be live streamed tomorrow if you want to see what happens yourself :)


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