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Play-off introduction

The 2016 season finals are coming up in the Netherlands. Before I start introducing all the teams I’m going to tell you about our play-offs system.

The upcoming weekend, for the 2nd time in history, there will be organized an All Star Game Softball. Team red consists of players from Sparks, DSS and Tex Town Tigers. Team blue consists of players from Olympia, Terrasvogels and Twins. Both teams are managed by the coaches of the providing teams and will play a 7 inning game whereafter the MVP will be announced. The day starts with the Homerun Derby where will be fought for the Homerun Queen award.

Now onto the real games. September 10th will be the last official competition round of the Golden League. There are some spare games left to be played, but September 11 it looks like, will be when we know who will play in what spot at the play-off weekend.

The play-off weekend will start September 24th with the top 4 teams at the field of the number 2 of the regular season. Three games will be played on this Saturday, as well as on Sunday, whereafter the number one of the weekend will advance to the Holland Series game on Sunday October 2nd. The number 2 and 3 will play the backdoor final on Saturday October 1st.

The games are not on here yet but will be live on the play by play:

Who will be in the play-offs? The ranking is not set yet but there are four teams who qualified: Sparks, Olympia, Terrasvogels and DSS. All four teams from Haarlem… at least we know already the National Championship will stay in the softball city of the Netherlands.

What happens to the other teams? Well the number 6 of the Golden League (we only have 6 teams in the competition), will play a game series to defend their spot. They will play against the number two team of the Silver League on Saturday October 1st. The winner of that game will face the number 1 of the silver league for a spot in the 2017 Golden League.

When we get closer to the play-offs I’ll tell you a little more about the teams itself. For now I’m off to the field!


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