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2nd year, 2nd language - Switch on

Off we go… The first blog in English. After some requests throughout the year I made my decission and here it is. I’m actually pretty excited about it. It will give more people access to what I write.. I have to admit: a little scary as well.

Almost a year ago I started my own blog and website, after a long period of wanting to do something about the unknown things around softball. I like to write, and to keep it easy I just started to write about my own life and experiences with softball.

The reactions and conversations that followed after writing about certain subjects made me realize that people read what I write. The blog became a nice way to express my thoughts without having to yell it out loud or point at anyone. Plus a nice way to show to whoever wanted to know what I was doing to get to those 2016 World Championships.

Speaking of the road to the World Championships, with softball being Olympic for Tokyo 2020 the road to Tokyo now has officially started. 4 years until the ultimate dream. But back to reality, like the way you play softball: pitch by pitch. First game coming up is the Dutch All Star Game on September 4th.

Some more about the upcoming month: the Dutch Golden League (the major league softball) is about to come to an end with one double header left before the play-offs. The top 4 teams will play the play-offs (September 24th & 25th) and later on the Holland Series (October 1st & 2nd) to fight for the National Championship.

This first month in English I’ll take you with us (Olympia, my club team) through the finals of the 2016 season and tell you all about the Dutch Leagues. After, I’ll start with the winter workouts, routines, study etc. so lots to tell you about.

See you next week!


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